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Bernadette Butkiewicz

2014 Bio:

Bernadette Butkiewicz is a charismatic and dynamic leader who has prided herself on always working to bring a voice to those who are often ignored. As a young, bright student of the CSU system she has spent her summers working her way through school as a HERE Local 30 member at the Mission Bay Hyatt. This experience helped her with understanding the importance of quality jobs throughout her city. She began her career in politics with precinct walking as young as age 11. Bernadette has interned for Congresswoman Susan Davis as well as worked on the campaign for Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez. Her position as Legislative Affairs and Special Projects Coordinator at Sonoma State University has sparked her passion for higher education advocacy in Sacramento. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of California State Student Association as a voting member representing 437,000 students in the CSU system. After completing her Bachelor’s in Political Science in the Spring of 2015 she hopes to return to San Diego and one day be a Political Director of an organization or business she truly believes in.

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