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About Us

Kyra Greene, PhD., Executive Director of Center on Policy Initiatives - CPI San Diego at release of San Diego County Representation Report

Prosperity for working families.

Center on Policy Initiatives is a nonprofit research and action institute dedicated to creating economic prosperity, sustainable communities, and a healthy environment for all.  CPI serves a unique role in the San Diego region, providing the analysis, policy solutions, education, and alliances that advance social and economic justice for working people and diverse communities.

We were founded in 1997 on the bedrock principle that public policy change can make the economy work for everyone. Through data-driven research, targeted communications, and organizing to empower working people and build coalitions, we work to level the playing field while strengthening the economy.

What we do:

We propose and advocate local policy change to advance economic justice in the workplace and in the community.

Economic justice in the workplace and in the community means:

  • Fair wages and benefits and decent work conditions for all employees.
  • All jobs pay enough to live on, and employees are able to stand together so their rights are not trampled by corporate management.
  • Bringing public funding and attention to areas that previously have been neglected or shorted.
  • Neighborhoods where people with lower incomes live have all the public amenities, service quality, zoning protections and environmental safety as rich neighborhoods.

We also bring a focus on racial justice to our work for economic justice. Equity for all communities requires correcting for past discrimination and oppression, in addition to providing equal opportunities.

How we do it:

  • Research. We research the facts and produce reports on issues of working poverty and economic inequity, laying the groundwork for policy development.
  • Communications. We communicate what we learn in ways that reach diverse audiences and persuade decision-makers.
  • Organizing. We reach out to diverse constituencies, and open doors for people to be involved and have a say in the decisions that impact their lives.
  • Coalition-building. We bring people and organizations together to build the power to make things happen.
  • Leadership development. We provide trainings and other programs to develop and support new leaders from among local communities.


Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

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