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Ami Admire

Ami Admire BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego
Ami Admire BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego
Ami Admire BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego

Ami Admire is Payómkawichum from the Rincon Indian Reservation and coordinator of Indian Health Council’s Native Connections grant. As coordinator, Ami is responsible for the promotion of mental health services, the prevention and reduction of suicidal and substance abuse behaviors, and the reduction of the impact of trauma among Native and indigenous youth within IHC’s nine consortium tribes. Ami and her team achieve this goal by infusing culture and indigenous knowledge and values into the framework of their youth classes and workshops. Nights and weekends, Ami directs the Rincon Youth Storytelling program, for those between the ages of 7 and 18, that travels performing traditional stories at schools, colleges and conferences in San Diego and Riverside Counties. Having spent 20 years as an advocate for her community, Ami hopes to learn new skills at BCLI that will increase her capacity to continue to serve her community.

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