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NOV 2021 NEWS: Stand Up to Amazon on Cyber Monday

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  • #DeliverUsFromAmazon Campaign
  • Coalition Updates 
  • County Redistricting
  • San Diego Black Worker Center Launches
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  • Job Opportunities 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of small businesses have gone out of business, while Amazon’s profits have soared — and their warehouse presence in our communities has multiplied, bringing low-wage and high-turnover jobs, and pollution.

We’re joining our partners statewide at Courage California, Warehouse Worker Resource Center, Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability, UFCW 5, and Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy to bring light to these exploitive practices and demand better from Amazon through the #DeliverUsFromAmazon campaign.

Don’t shop on Amazon on Cyber Monday and instead spend it with us to learn about the various ways Amazon is hurting and exploiting California’s communities and what all residents can do to fight back against the retailer giant.

Join us for a town hall on Monday, Nov 29th at 12pm PST where our organizer, Nathaniel Tate, will talk about how we’re fighting Amazon in San Diego.

Community Budget Alliance (CBA)

Last week, we launched our People’s Budget Campaign for the Fiscal Year 2023 City of San Diego budget! If you missed it, we will be posting the recording soon on our website soon. In the meantime, you can view our FY23 People’s Budget priorities and key dates here.

Join us in demanding a People’s Budget at the City of San Diego:

Click here to email your city councilmember.
Click here to email the mayor.

To get regular CBA updates, sign up for our email list and follow the CBA on Facebook and Instagram.

December 2nd may be our last chance to give input on what will become the new County of San Diego maps and we’re expecting turn out from anti-worker and anti-justice forces. We need your help to encourage the Commission to adopt the fairest map for all communities in San Diego. The districts we draw this year will shape our lives and our communities for the next decade.

If you haven’t yet, please sign up to get more information on how you can show up on Dec 2nd to support fair districting.

Related News: Check out this article about why redistricting is so important and the impacts it has on San Diego.

We are thrilled to share that the San Diego Black Worker Center (SDBWC) has launched! CPI is proud to be the fiscal sponsor and a steering committee member of the new SDBWC.

The mission of the San Diego Black Worker Center is to build power for Black workers through grassroots organizing and advocacy. The SDBWC will develop programs to educate and advocate for workers’ rights, while actively working towards an equitable economy for Black People through the improvement the quality of jobs in different employment sectors. The SDBWC will work to advance the rights and improve the quality of jobs in key roles, employment and various sectors.

Learn more about the SDBWC at www.sdblackworkercenter.org and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated.

If you missed our webinar earlier this year about the state of Black workers in San Diego County, you can watch it here.

Donald Cohen (CPI’s co-founder and first Executive Director) and Allen Mikaelian wrote a book about how we can prevent the private takeover of our public resources. The Privatization of Everything connects the dots across a broad spectrum of issues and raises larger questions about who controls the public things we all rely on, exposing the hidden crisis of privatization that has been slowly unfolding over the last fifty years and giving us a road map for taking our country back. The book is out Nov 23 and we invite you to check it out!

We are currently hiring for the following positions. Click to learn more:  

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Written by CPI San Diego

Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

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