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California Air Resources Board Passes the Advanced Clean Truck Rule

Image Credit: Environmental Health Coalition

July 8, 2020
California Air Resources Board (CARB) Passes the Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Rule

CPI joined local and statewide partners in November 2019 to revise and strengthen the original proposal. After over six months of hard work, this is a huge win for environmental justice communities. We’re proud to have been part of the team leading this effort.  

On June 25, 2020, CARB unanimously voted to pass the most recent ACT Rule meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California by requiring manufacturers to increase the percentage of their zero-emission truck sales to be 55% of Class 2b-3 truck sales, 75% of Class 4-8 straight truck sales, and 40% of Class 7-8 truck tractor sales by 2035. The ACT Rule also requires companies with 50 or more trucks to report on their existing fleet operations to help identify future strategies for reaching zero emission fleet goals. 

Consumer demand for products is leading to an increased amount of truck track traffic. A disproportionate amount of truck traffic moves through Black and Latinx neighborhoods. The ACT rule advances environmental justice by reducing pollution in these communities across California. 

CPI Testimony in Favor of ACT Rule at the June 25th CARB Hearing: 

Good morning, my name is Dr. Derrick Robinson, Senior Researcher and Policy Analyst at the Center on Policy Initiatives. Thank you to Chair Nichols, board members, and CARB for your leadership in developing a strong Advanced Clean Truck rule. We, in San Diego and at the Center on Policy Initiatives, support the rule before the board today. It’s good for the environment (environmental justice), it’s good for workers (economic justice), and it’s good for communities (racial justice). 

We need the strongest possible fleet rule to reach our climate goals and to protect the health of poor communities and communities of color in [California] and in San Diego. 

The Board needs comprehensive data on contracting to successfully develop and implement a fleet rule — that’s why the Reporting Requirement you’re voting on today is so important.

Independent contractors have a very hard time purchasing and maintaining clean trucks. Contractors make up a significant portion of the trucks out of compliance with Clean Air regulations in California — 40% as of last year with the Truck and Bus Rule. Contractors make very little income and face high financing costs and are highly exploited by their employers. Contractor exploitation drives up toxic air pollution and cancer rates, especially in low-income communities of color.  

From our discussions with you, we know you — the board, staff, and leadership– are taking this seriously, but we need you to stay focused on contractors. That’s why we hope you’ll make an intention within today’s board resolution to address the problem of truck driver misclassification in the Fleet Rule. Remember, this is important to labor, environmental justice, AND environmental advocates! As well as economic justice and racial justice advocates!  We are all united on this! Thank you for your time.

Written by CPI San Diego

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