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Richard Griswold

Richard Griswold was born in Fresno, California in 1990. He has moved many times in his life, living mostly in the Central Valley, before landing in San Diego in 2008. Earlier that year, Richard began his community activism and was heavily involved with the local “No on Proposition 8” campaign in Fresno. He gained an understanding of the injustices and inequalities that surround many people across the nation. Since, he has reached out to other affected communities of injustice, discrimination, and harassment. His hopes are that any one person does not have to feel isolated or alone when faced with the obstacle of intolerance. Richard lives in Mission Hills with his partner, Dan, two dogs, and one cat. Here in San Diego, Richard attends National University in the Bachelor’s in Sociology program. His ambitions include attending graduate school in Political Science.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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