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About the Community Schools Coalition

The Campaign for Community Schools in San Diego is a community coalition aiming to transform schools in San Diego Unified into community schools. The coalition is advocating for San Diego Unified School District to adopt a policy to allocate resources and support communities in the implementation of community schools throughout the district. Successful community schools ensure underserved communities receive equitable resources, create community partnerships, and foster the self-empowerment necessary to support student learning, strong families and thriving communities.

What are Community Schools?

  • Integrated student supports that address out-of-school barriers through the coordination of trauma-informed health, mental health, and social services
  • Expanded and enriched learning time and opportunities that include academic support, enrichment, and real-world learning opportunities (e.g., internships, project-based learning)
  • Family and community engagement, which involves actively tapping the expertise and knowledge of family and community members to serve as true partners in supporting and educating students
  • Collaborative leadership and practices for educators and administrators that establish a culture of professional learning, collective trust, and shared responsibility for outcomes in a manner that includes students, families, and community members
  • Community needs and assets assessments that engage school and community interest holders in a coherent process of identifying and curating assets and wisdoms throughout the community
  • A Community School Coordinator who is responsible for the overall implementation of community school processes, programs, partnerships and strategies at the school site
  • Site-based and district wide community schools shared decision-making bodies that engage interest holders including students, staff, families, and community members in determining the focus and direction of the community school effort 
  • Integration and alignment where the community schools initiative is cross stitched with other racial justice, education justice and equity initiatives at the district and school site level

Community Schools Virtual Forum

Coalition Members

Alliance San Diego
Association of Raza Educators
Center on Policy Initiatives
Global Action Research Center
San Diego Education Association
SDSU Department of Dual language & English Learner Education
SAY San Diego
Urban League San Diego County
Youth Will

Questions about Community Schools?

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