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Maria Muhammad

Maria Muhammad BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego
Maria Muhammad BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego
Maria Muhammad BCLI 2019 CPI San Diego

Sister Maria Muhammad has been known for working in numerous fields over the years until she decided to use her training in Early Childhood Development and found her love and niche in teaching at Muhammad University of Islam in Inglewood CA in 1996, and The School of Original Thought in Baltimore, Maryland, where she was also appointed to the position of Dean of Girls. She has since left her role as an educator and has been able to transfer all of her passion, along with the experience and knowledge she has acquired into her role as IAMBK Green’s Program Director. In addition to working as a part of IAMBK CDC team, she homeschools her 10-year-old son, is a Licensed Realtor and is the Owner of Steal Away Enterprises LLC, where she is a Virtual Instructor to Business Owners who wish to work in the Customer Care Industry from the convenience of their own homes. Prior to moving to San Diego, Sister Maria lent her talents to and/ or co-founded several community organizations in her hometown of Baltimore City; Phoenix Rising Baltimore, Sistah’s Only Empowerment Network, Sisters Growing Together, Zero Murder Rate Movement, Baltimore Citizens for Positive Change, Literacy Rules! and many more. Since moving to San Diego she has chaired several committees as it pertains to Justice and Equity; Black Women United, Justice or Else San Diego, and the organizing committee for 1st Saturday at the Spot; a black and brown collaborative to support local business and celebrate culture. Sister Maria attributes much of her success to the rigorous training of the Vanguard Class of the NOI that inspired her leadership, creative expression, motivation and love for her community. She is a daughter, sister, and wife, mother of three, and Ummi to three grandchildren.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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