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AUG 2022 NEWS: Justice for Warehouse Workers

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Too many workers in the warehouse industry do dangerous work in environmentally hazardous conditions while facing low pay and a lack of job security. During the pandemic, warehouse workers were asked to risk their lives so people like Jeff Bezos and corporate stockholders could get even richer. Amazon is spending millions of dollars to resist communities’ efforts to get them to be a good employer. But, if we band together, we have the power to improve the pay, working conditions and safety of our friends and neighbors who work in local warehouses.   

The warehouse industry is growing rapidly. We can make sure San Diego workers are treated fairly. On September 14, the Board of Supervisors will be voting on whether to approve an ordinance to reduce worker exploitation in this growing industry. Join us in telling the Board of Supervisors that we need justice for San Diego County’s warehouse workers!  


Students for Economic Justice

This month we celebrated the interns who completed our summer 2022 Students for Economic Justice program. This year the SEJ interns worked on campaigns for community land trusts, increasing transit options, organizing with stage hands for better pay, decreasing incarceration of youth, building a committee for reparations in San Diego County, organizing non-union workers, housing and tenants’ rights, and decriminalizing homelessness.   Check out our latest blog for a recap on the program and read reflections from this year’s cohort 


County of San Diego

This year $5 million was included in the County budget to provide free legal representation to people seeking asylum or facing deportation. The program is currently limited to people in detention or in alternatives to detention. The direct number for a consultation and more information is 619-446-2883. 

Check out and share the flyers about the Immigrant Rights Legal Defense Program in 11 different languages. 


Amazon Workers Walk Out in San Bernardino

Workers at KSBD, Amazon’s western region air hub, walked out last week, protesting the company’s lack of response to a petition that a majority of the workforce signed weeks ago. They are calling themselves Inland Empire Amazon Workers United and they are asking for higher pay, safe working conditions, and an end to retaliation. 

Follow them @IEAmazonWorkers and Warehouse Worker Resource Center (WWRC) @wwunited, who are supporting them. WWRC is a fellow affiliate in our national network, PowerSwitch Action (learn more about them in the next section!).

PowerSwitch Action

Did you know we’ve got fam in 19 other cities? Two decades ago, CPI helped create a national network of organizations like ours around the US. Today, it’s called PowerSwitch Action— check out their shiny new website 

Founded in 2006, PowerSwitch Action (formerly Partnership for Working Families) is a national community of leaders, organizers, and strategists forging multi-racial feminist democracy and economies in our cities and towns. CPI is working with PowerSwitch Action on building the California Coalition for Worker Power, implementing the Advanced Clean Fleets rule, taking on Amazon, advocating for equitable city budgets, and so much more.  


We are currently hiring for the following positions. Click to learn more:  

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Written by CPI San Diego

Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

join the fight against wage theft/ Unéte a la lucha contra robo de salario