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SEPT 2021 NEWS: Reflecting on Labor Day and Looking Ahead

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  • Reflecting on Labor Day
  • Meet Nate and Sarah
  • County Redistricting
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  • Job Opportunities

Reflecting on Labor Day

Sept 6th was Labor Day, and we’ve been reflecting on how and what we can do to fight more for working people and to build a world where people have health, safety and lives full of joy. Here’s what some of our staff had to say:

Many workers in the restaurant, service and hospitality industries—largely including immigrants and people of color—are still forced to come to work on the holiday that is supposed to honor and celebrate them, workers. After more than a year of living through this pandemic, existing inequities in the workforce have been brought to the forefront. Our system is designed to discount certain types of people’s labor and to value corporations over people.

We are committed to reversing that system. Our work here at CPI focuses on achieving greater prosperity for working people, ensuring worker wellbeing through equitable and inclusive policies, and empowering workers to organize and join labor organizations that will fight for their rights.

For more on what we should be focusing on during this holiday (and every day), check out this article.

In solidarity,
The CPI Team

This month we welcomed two new organizers to our incredible team. Please join us in giving a welcome to Nathaniel Tate and Sarah Farouq!

Since March, CPI has been convening conversations among partner community organizations, labor, and stakeholders on the issue of redistricting at the County of San Diego. Redistricting is a process that happens every 10 years following the Census. Redistricting will shape voting and our communities for the next decade. By joining together to speak up for fair redistricting, we shape how we will be represented in decisions about how funds for schools, healthcare, and other essential services will be allocated.

Together with partners and community stakeholders, we hosted forums to discuss the importance of redistricting and gathered input from community members about how the County district lines should be drawn to best represent all of our community. Participants were then encouraged to submit public comments at the Independent Redistricting Commission’s public hearings to advocate for the changes that reflect their community’s needs and interests.

What’s next? In late October, the San Diego County Independent Redistricting Commission will release the first drafts of the new County maps for additional community input. From now until the new County of San Diego map is adopted on December 15, you still have time to give input and we may need your help to guide the Commissions towards the fairest map possible. Please sign up to get information on how to participate with us in this important work.

  • Our national network Partnership for Working Families is now PowerSwitch Action! Learn more about our network and our long-term agenda at https://ourlta.org/  
  • Our Community Budget Alliance coalition organizer, jean-huy Tran, and Researcher & Policy Advocate, Keara Piña, were recently interviewed and featured in The Forge along with organizers across the country doing work on people-powered budgets. Click here to read the full interview and article.  
  • For many years, language access has been a priority for our advocacy at the City of San Diego. This month, the City Clerk announced expanded language access services and resources at the City of San Diego. Translation services are now available in over 200 languages and information on the City’s website and access to City Council Meetings are now available in 8 different languages. Learn more: https://www.sandiego.gov/city-clerk  
  • Congratulations to our California PowerSwitch Action partners, Warehouse Worker Resource Center and LAANE, on passing AB 701, the Warehouse Worker Protection Act! The new legislation requires employers to disclose productivity quotas to employees and government agencies. It also prohibits employers from requiring warehouse employees to meet unsafe quotas that prevent them from taking state-mandated meal and rest breaks, or from using the bathroom. 

Congratulations to the California Coalition for Worker Power’s retaliation campaign victory for Z&Y workers. Without policies like these, workers would not have a right to the compensation they are getting; without organizing and enforcement they wouldn’t have been able to get the compensation that policy entitled them to have. Wins like this is why I do this work.
– Dr. Kyra R. Greene, Executive Director

Lawmakers Who Say ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cannot Let a Police Decertification Bill Die Again. Although we may hear the words Black Lives Matter a lot less in the media, we must continue to shed light on the systems that keep abusive officers on the streets and demand changes that keep our community members safe.”

– Peyton Cordero, Executive Assistant

We are hiring two new Communications Specialists! The job postings will be available next week on our Careers page. Please check back soon and help share the opportunity.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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