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2020 California Ballot Measure Recommendations

There are critical propositions on the November ballot. We have the chance to pass critical measures which will reclaim funding for local communities, increase racial equity and expand voting rights. 

YES! on Prop 15

We support Prop 15 because our communities need more money for schools, social services, and infrastructure. Prop 15 will require commercial/industrial properties valued at $3M or more to be reassessed at fair market value, and pay taxes on that value. Prop 15 will reclaim $12 billion for Californians. Recent history shows that increasing public revenue is a critical part of any economic recovery.

YES! on Prop 16

We support Prop 16 because it would increase racial and gender equity in public education, public employment and contracting. Racial and gender conscious contracting, hiring and admissions are necessary for combating systemic inequities and discrimination.

YES! on Prop 17

We support Prop 17 because everyone, without exception, should have access to voting. Prop 17 would reverse a form of voter suppression and expand voting rights to people on parole from state prison.

YES! on Prop 21

We support Prop 21 because our communities are facing excessive rents and low wages that are leaving people vulnerable to houselessness. In San Diego County, 60% of renters are housing burden. They spend more than 30% of their income on rent. Prop 21 enables cities and counties to pass local rent control measures that make sense for their residents and slow rising rents.

NO! on Prop 20

We oppose Prop 20 because it will increase the criminalization and incarceration of Black, brown and low-income Californians. Prop 20 will also require collection of DNA from people convicted of certain misdemeanors. Over the past few years, Californians have tried to address the broken and racist criminal (in)justice system, Prop 20 would move us backwards and make us less safe.

NO! on Prop 22

We oppose Prop 22, because Prop 22 decreases worker protections and benefits. Workers need more protections and benefits not fewer. Prop 22 would allow some corporations to circumvent labor laws. In a survey by the UCLA Labor Center, 75% of workers said gig work was their main source of income and 80% reported that their current pay was not enough to cover household expenses. If Prop 22 passes rideshare drivers would lose their legal right to overtime, workers’ compensation, sick days, and unemployment insurance.

Written by CPI San Diego

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