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Sarah Farouq

Sarah Farouq was born in the city of Baghdad, but the rubbles of war separated her from her extended family and forced her to migrate to the neighboring country of Jordan at the age of two. After that, she had to move to the United States. She has been living in the U.S. for about six years. She and her family faced several barriers while living in the U.S.. Learning the English language and mastering it in three years was the first challenge that Sarah and her family faced. But the main hurdle they faced was having to reestablish their lives and start a new beginning with no financial or linguistic foundation. Nonetheless, her parents believed that through work and education, they would provide better educational and economic opportunities for their children. Sarah, too, believed that as the oldest daughter, she was the role model for her siblings, leading the way for success. Although, they have faced many economic and social injustices along their journey to becoming citizens of the U.S., she and her family fought to overcome these inequalities. Sarah, with all of these difficulties, did not give up on her education because she believed that she was destined to come to the United States to make a difference in this unjust world. She believed that education was the key to self-actualization and triumph. She is currently attending Grossmont Community College and majoring in political science. Her educational goal is to transfer to UC Berkeley to eventually become a civil rights and immigration lawyer.
Sarah has dedicated the past five years of her life to providing a voice and opportunity for underserved populations through volunteering at nonprofit and educational organizations. She has volunteered at the Yalla San Diego program, which helps disadvantaged refugee students to overcome educational challenges through soccer and school assistance. She is currently teaching children Arabic at the Kurdish Learning Center and is working at the CalWORKs program of Grossmont College to help student parents in achieving academic success. Additionally, she has an active voice in social justice on her campus. She is a member of the EOPS and CalWORKs Clubs to promote student leadership and diversity. She is also organizing a poetry slam event at her school to provide a platform for students to speak up about issues they are passionate about. Ultimately, Sarah will devote her life and career to fight for social justice for women and underprivileged populations in her community and her home country.

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