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Norma Sandoval

Norma Sandoval BCLI 2016 CPI San Diego
Norma Sandoval BCLI 2016 CPI San Diego
Norma Sandoval BCLI 2016 CPI San Diego

A 37-yr San Diego resident, Norma Sandoval has been a very active and engaged community member throughout her life. Growing up in City Heights, she was blessed to have a plethora of languages and cultures in her daily life, which provided her with a worldly-perspective, that embraced others. It also propelled Norma to take affirmative steps in serving her community at a very young age – which has continued to this day. Understanding that an organized community of leaders transforms the livelihood and reality of children & their families, as a mother of four children and woman of faith, she has volunteered as Co-Chair of SDOP and as a member of Mid-City CAN’s Peace Momentum Team. As a school administrator, Norma has worked with families and helped educate San Diego’s children for the past eighteen years. Aware of the impact politics has in the daily lives of citizens, Norma constantly seeks ways to improve systems to serve more efficiently. Today, it is her endeavor to extend her leadership and serve her community at a new level as a member of BCLI’s first cohort.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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