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Miriam Rodriguez

Miriam Rodriguez BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego
Miriam Rodriguez BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego
Miriam Rodriguez BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego

Miriam Rodriguez’ dedication to serve and lead started at a young age. As the oldest of five, she helped her single mother care for her younger sisters while growing up in Los Angeles. Her mother struggled as a new immigrant and non-English speaker. She has been a volunteer and leader in the San Diego Unified School District for the past 11 years. Miriam is an outstanding advocate for all students in the Hoover Cluster and also a partner in advocating for affordable housing. Miriam traveled to Sacramento in the spring of 2016 to meet and persuade legislators; fighting for the passage and support of critical issues, proposals, and bills that would alleviate the housing crisis in San Diego.
Miriam enjoys being part of the Hoover Cluster’s Wellness Council a project that pilot in her children’s school in 2011. Miriam organized volunteers to start a fitness club at her children’s school, promoting walking and running during recess. She has helped establish the Hoover Cluster Wellness Council and served for the past two years as the President, and currently serves in the Hoover Cluster Leadership Council. Currently, she is the Hoover Cluster’s Rep. for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).
Today, Miriam is known as a champion for children and families; advocating, volunteering and serving on committees, boards, leadership groups and panels to make sure that wellness is a priority and the parent voice is heard in a democratic process.
Miriam’s inspiration for her volunteer work is her family, her three school age children, and her community. Her vision is to prepare and inspire a new generation with healthy goals, to make a better place to live for all, in a positive and loving environment. Miriam was nominated for the Ruby Awards in 2016 for an outstanding resident leader. She is currently part of the leadership team at the City Heights Development Corporation.

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