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Janera Montaño

Janera Montaño was born in Oakland, CA. She is the middle child of a single hard working mother of 3 girls. Her father was deported to Mexico when she was in High School. Janera grew up raising her younger sister when her mom had to leave to provide for the house. When Janera got to high school she realized her sister would follow the path she walked, so she had to start setting a straight path. From never hearing about college, Janera soon became college ready and was heavily involved in her community where she found her passion in Education reform and Immigration issues. Being the first in her family to go to college was challenging, however it is because of the consistent support of her friends and family and most of all, the kids in her community back home, that she was able to do it. Janera just finished her 3rd year at San Diego State majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with focuses in Spanish, Counseling and Social Change and, Sociology. Her ultimate goal is to open a nonprofit organization after teaching and working in education and attending Law School for Immigration. She has always been passionate about helping others who share similar stories as her own in order to help her community rise. Janera understands the difficulties and challenges with being first generation and attending college and wants to impact her community. In her free time she enjoys reading, hiking, and traveling. Janera applied to SEJ because she wants to make a difference and show others that no matter where you come from anything can be possible.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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