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James Halliday

James Halliday BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego
James Halliday BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego
James Halliday BCLI 2017 CPI San Diego

James Halliday is a native San Diegan. After graduating from Stanford in 2003, he pursued graduate studies in Cracow, Poland where he lived until 2005. From 2005-2014, he lived in Seoul, Moscow, and Istanbul, working for many years in journalism, before turning his professional focus to work at the intersection of education, philanthropy, and social enterprise. Since returning to San Diego, James has been the Program Director at the Education Synergy Alliance, then a co-founder of Impact Without Borders (IWOB), an organization that educates and accelerates social entrepreneurs in the San Diego-Tijuana region. In addition to his work with IWOB, James is a strategic consultant for social enterprises and nonprofits (with a focus on youth, educational equity, and workforce development).
Building a power base for progressive philanthropy and empowering the next generation of leaders in San Diego are also abiding passions. Toward those ends, James is board chair of Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP), San Diego chapter. James was a 2016 Fellow of the San Diego Leadership Alliance (SDLA), and a 2016-17 Fellow of the RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program (at USD). When he’s not working, he’s cooking – usually with family and friends nearby. When he’s not at his desk, he’s on the trail or planning the next trip. To kick back, he reads voraciously and wantonly, loves watching college basketball and binging on Scandinavian crime dramas.

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