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Cristina Marquez

Cristina Marquez BCLI 2018 CPI San Diego
Cristina Marquez BCLI 2018 CPI San Diego
Cristina Marquez BCLI 2018 CPI San Diego

Cristina Marquez is a low voltage electrician apprentice born and raised in San Diego County. After she graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology she moved to Las Vegas for 12 years, where she worked in hotel guest services and as a private driver.
She is currently in her 4th year in the apprentice program at the San Diego Training Center accredited through Palomar College and will graduate in June 2018. Cristina has always liked to be active in any type of work she does and thrives in fixing and putting devices together.
She is also very active with the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) local union 569 and sits on the board for Electrical Workers Minority Caucus (EWMC). She volunteers on a regular basis including but not limited to:
Walking and talking at numerous precinct walks
Helping facilitate career fairs
Engaging with school kids brought into the training center to show them apprenticeship opportunities
Going to various communities in San Diego County school districts to educate kids about the apprenticeship program.
Being a member of the legislative committee
Her love of Southern California called her back and will keep her here. Once she graduates from the apprenticeship program she looks forward to staying involved with the community and keeping San Diego the best place to live.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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