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Biviana Lagunas

Biviana Lagunas was born in Corona but raised in Santa Ana, CA and Anaheim, CA. She is the child of hard working immigrant parents from Mexico. Biviana was raised by her father however, as her father suffered from alcoholism, she moved in with her aunt and uncle for a chance of a better life. Due to harsh experiences she was deeply motivated to be the first Latina in her family to attend college. When she moved to San Diego she began to look for volunteer work and helped with the David Alvarez campaign. In addition, she volunteered with the Western Service Workers Association fighting for economic justice. Biviana is an undergraduate at San Diego State University majoring in Sociology and minoring in School Psychology and Counseling. Her goals are to receive her Bachelors and continue onto her PhD. As soon as she earns her degrees she would like to be a counselor at Correctional Facilities. Her goal in counseling in such settings is to inspire these individuals, most importantly to send a message: it is never too late to start new. Furthermore, she loves cooking Mexican food, dancing, and spending time with her family and boyfriend. Biviana applied to SEJ to become the voice of the people who fear fighting for justice. Also, with the opportunity of joining SEJ she will learn and teach organizational skills to engage in cultural empowerment.

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Written by CPI San Diego