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Tatiana Garcia

Tatiana Garcia is a first generation college student and a San Diego native. She was raised in Southeast San Diego and attended school in the Logan Heights/Barrio Logan neighborhood. For ninth grade, Tatiana was bused to Point Loma High School, and experienced culture shock for the first time. From a young age, her uncle taught her about the injustices that occur in the world. Tatiana was involved in protests as a child and took part in the fight for immigration reform in May of 2006. She knew she wanted to help people and make a difference in the world but did not know where to begin. When she started attending SDSU, Tatiana started majoring in Social Work and loved it ever since. She became a founding member of the Youth Empowerment Program (Y.E.P.) her freshman year and became Student Coordinator the following year. Y.E.P.’s purpose is to mentor and encourage unaccompanied child migrants during their stay in the shelter and motivate them to rise above their current circumstance. With her formal education and life experiences combined, she believes she can help unite communities and empower them to fight for a common cause.

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