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Maria Elena Morales

Maria Elena Morales is a mother of five children and a student at San Diego City College, because of this it has been important to Maria to build a voice for herself, her children and the communities of San Diego. She is a very active school leader on her college campus and a mentor to students everywhere. She is currently the Co-Chair of the Pillars of the Community Scholars Society and one of the founders of the San Diego City College Social Justice Coalition. She works hard to bring awareness to students on the many issues that San Diego communities are facing. She is an employee of City College as well and was successful in being one of the organizers of the San Diego City College 1st Annual Social Justice and Education Conference. She will also be a Parker Scholars Peer Mentor this next year and will be working with young women as they begin their educational journey. While active on a committee at the ACLU that tables on police practices in San Diego, she has made it a priority to hold San Diego Police accountable as they protect and serve our communities. Maria sees herself as a future community organizer in San Diego and wants to take what she has learned from being a student activist back to her communities.

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