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Luis Antonio López Resendiz

Luis Antonio López Resendiz was born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México. I grew up in a humble house; my mother is a maquiladora (assembly plant) woman that took the role of a mother and father at a young age when I was five years old. She is my hero. My father has been building the United States of America with his hands and courage doing construction work since his early 20’s. Due to the poor economy and the lack of opportunities to have a decent life in México, my father decided to bring my siblings and me to El Norte (USA) so we can at least get better life. Since November of 2005 I became Mixtec student living the “illegal” life in this country. It is because of the classes I took in college that I became an active member in my community, several professors taught me the untold history of resistance of the “minorities” in this nation. Discrimination, segregation, the economic hardship, the US-Mexican border, and countless others issues were happening in front of my eyes and I couldn’t see them, until I started to take Chicana/o history classes and then I realize that everything was connected and my community was a lively prove of it. As an Indigenous student from the Mixtec tribe I started to decolonize myself from the Eurocentric ideas that have been introduced to all cultures of the world. I am bringing the past to the present to keep fight la Lucha with the knowledge of my ancient grandparents; I know for sure that today is the tomorrow I am creating. I decided to major in Political Science with the only purpose to learn how this capitalist world functions because in order for me to fight along my brothers and sister in this lucha I have understand the system to eventually defend my people.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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