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Daniela Conde

Daniela Conde’s roots can be traced back to Puebla, México her birthplace. She has been highly influenced by the revolutionary womyn in her life and attributes much of her concientización to her single-mother, womyn activists, mentors, and professors. Daniela is an empowered student of color at the University of San Diego. She is majoring in Ethnic Studies and English; she will pursue graduate school and eventually receive a master’s in Education and a PhD in Ethnic Studies or American Studies. As a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship, a McNair Scholar, and a graduate of Reality Changers, Daniela is committed to contributing back to her transnational community through educational empowerment, community organizing, and interethnic/racial solidarity work. She was a Spring 2013 Organizing Intern for the Center on Policy Initiatives. Daniela is a member of many organizations on campus, has held leadership roles in MEChA, and will be the co-chair for the Association of Chicana Activists for the 2013-2014 year. Her service includes mentorship for young men and women at a Juvenile Detention Facility, immigration activism, and organizing conferences for first generation college students. Daniela is also enamored with learning languages and traveling, by the end of 2014 she will have traveled to more than 23 countries. Daniela is in love with life and is a believer in the transformation of this world; she is passionate about education, immigration, social justice, economic and political self-determination, revolution, and womyn empowerment. Daniela hopes to become a community organizer, an artist (painter/poet), and professor one day.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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