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Learning Together: CBA People's Budget Panel Events

The Community Budget Alliance is a coalition of local organizations and community members who believe the City budget should be a people’s budget.

We’re hosting a series of online events to break down the budget process, provide political education and learn more about our People’s Budget demands.  

Schedule of Events

February 18, 5:30-7pm

March 2, 5:30-7pm


March 9, 5:30-7pm


March 16, 5:30-7pm

March 23, 5:30-7pm


March 30, 5:30-7pm

April 6, 5:30-7pm

Breaking Down the City of San Diego Budget

Redefining Public Safety Panel #1: Divest from Police Panelists will discuss the racialized roots of policing. They will explore how policing policies are fueling mass incarceration and exploiting incarcerated people for their labor. 

Democratizing Power
Panelists will talk about how an Office of Youth Success, language access and the Office of Race & Equity are crucial to transparent and community led governments.

Environmental Justice
Panelists will talk about what we mean when we say environmental justice. We’ll also talk about what we’re fighting for this year and want to hear from you about your priorities for environmental justice.

Housing & Tenants’ Rights
Panelists will provide community education about resources for renters and the need for more protections. The panel will also talk about what we’re fighting for in this year’s budget and the ongoing fight to protect tenants.

People’s Economy
People not corporations are the economy. Panelists will talk about how we can protect workers rights and explore how any economic recovery efforts must put people first.

Redefining Public Safety Panel #2: Invest in Communities Panelists will discuss how investing in communities and community care is what makes us safe. 

Will you join us at the City of San Diego's Evening Budget Hearings to fight for a People's Budget?

Click here to sign up here to attend the City of San Diego’s Evening Budget hearing with us on Wednesday May 5th at 6:00pm?
Click here to sign up here to attend the City of San Diego’s Evening budget hearing with us on Monday May 17th at 6:00pm
Written by CPI San Diego

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