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After Decades Marked by Sameness, the Board of Supervisors Is Changing Rapidly

CPI Executive Director Kyra R. Greene talked to Voice of San Diego about the Invest in San Diego Families push for increased transparency and an open budget process at the County of San Diego:


“Kyra Greene of the left-leaning Center on Policy Initiatives, part of a union-affiliated coalition that has pushed for change in county government, said changes to the budget process and increased outreach also reflect an increasing public interest in county operations.

Greene said county supervisors once refused to meet with members of the Invest in San Diego Families coalition, a group of progressive activist groups and union members who have organized to rally for reforms.

She said multiple county officials also once expressed skepticism that night budget hearings would draw much attendance.

“There was a belief that this would not be appealing to folks, not a great use of people’s time,” Greene said.”

County residents disproved those predictions in 2017 when they packed the board hearing room and multiple overflow rooms for an evening budget hearing.

Still, Greene and other progressives said, not everything at the county has changed.”

Written by CPI San Diego

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