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Tech Is Rising and Tourism Is Tanking, But San Diego Still Banks on the Latter

CPI Executive Director Kyra R. Greene is quoted in this Voice of San Diego article about the impact of the pandemic on San Diego’s economy: 

“There are opportunities to strengthen the city’s revenue situation and to spend better than we have been, she argues. […] In any case, if San Diego develops a stake in the tech sector, the city has to focus on social equity at the same time, Greene said. Partnering with industries should involve raising the floor for low-wage work as well, including food workers, childcare workers and janitors whom the tech workers depend on.”

“Often in these deficit stories, people ask, ‘What are we going to cut?’ But we have to change our mindset, and we need solutions.

I think a crisis is not just an opportunity to get back to a normal that wasn’t acceptable to us but to get to something better.”

Written by CPI San Diego

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