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San Diego reviving controversial proposal to regulate pushcart street vendors

CPI’s Raise Up coalition organizer and leadership development coordinator, Ana Laura Martínez, is quoted in this Los Angeles Times article about the City of San Diego’s street vender regulations:

“The Center on Policy Initiatives, a local think tank focused on progressive policies, has helped advocate for street vendors during the process.

Ana Laura Martinez, the center’s leadership development coordinator, said Monday that she hopes Gloria will propose regulations that aren’t “overly restrictive” and don’t affect entrepreneurial opportunities for minority groups.

Because Gloria supported the street vendor law while in Sacramento, Martinez said she is optimistic that Gloria knows what’s at stake.

Martinez said the city’s previous attempt at legislation was marred by wording that critics could have called racist or microaggressive regarding the presence of immigrants and minorities in tourist areas.

She said the proposed rules implied that street vendors were a nuisance and an eyesore, when they could be characterized as a colorful and welcome addition to the streetscape.”

Written by CPI San Diego

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