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Environment Report: Report Throws Shade on Climate Plan’s Impact in Low-Income Communities

A view of the NASSCO shipyards beyond a school bus passing through Barrio Logan.

By Ry Rivard, Voice of San Diego

The city of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan is supposed to be driving major policy decisions. Soon, it could be the reason why city officials decide to start their own government-run utility to provide electricity to city residents.

That would be a major change, given how San Diego Gas & Electric has, in the past, been able to fend off competition from cities with similar ideas.

But first, let’s recap the CAP, as the Climate Action Plan is known: It was adopted by the City Council in 2015 and calls on San Diego to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half and also switch to using only renewable power sources to generate electricity by 2035.

Read the full article here: https://www.voiceofsandiego.org/topics/science-environment/environment-report-report-throws-shade-on-climate-plans-impact-in-low-income-communities/

Written by CPI San Diego

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