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Housing Affordability Drives San Diego’s Shrinking Middle Class

By Maureen Cavanaugh and Michael Lipkin, KPBS

More than 1 million San Diegans can’t afford to live in the county, according to findings from the Center on Policy Initiatives. The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation trumpeted the figure last month as one of three economic “pain points” threatening the local economy.

But what does it mean to not make enough money to live in San Diego, since these San Diegans clearly do?

“Day-to-day that means families are moving in together,” said KPBS wealth and poverty reporter Amita Sharma, who has been investigating the state’s shrinking middle class. “Some who are very desperate are living in their cars, living in vans.”

Read the full article here: https://www.kpbs.org/news/2018/mar/08/housing-affordability-drives-san-diegos-shrinking-/

Written by CPI San Diego

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