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Yu Jin Kim

Yu Jin Kim is an undocumented, undergraduate student at the University of California, San Diego majoring in Neuroscience and Physiology and minoring in Political Science. Yu Jin always wanted to be a doctor. To this day, her goal has not changed. While watching her mother’s hands cripple away with arthritis and joint swelling due to excessive working and her father’s health deteriorate as he worked day and night, not once has she seen them get a proper medical check up. Being undocumented, uninsured, and financially impaired, Yu Jin’s parents have become targets and abused by our unjust economic and social system. As much as Yu Jin would love to become a doctor to serve those who are socioeconomically disempowered, she is beginning to realize that her bigger passion may be to get to the root cause of their suffering, which centers around our flawed economic system that preys on immigrant labor. She wants to become a doctor that not only medically treats patients, but also a doctor that is fully capable of understanding the patients’ daily economic and social challenges that possibly could have contributed or even provoked the medical illness. Through SEJ, Yu Jin hopes to develop into a stronger woman with a greater sense of maturity and depth so that she can better serve her community as an activist and future doctor.

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Written by CPI San Diego