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Lowell Waxman

Lowell Waxman is a retired librarian with the City of San Diego Public Library. Before that, he worked for the United Workers of America for three years in its formative years. He brings to his service on the CPI board experience gained over 40 years of multi-issue economic and social justice activism in San Diego. Through the Campaign for Economic Democracy, Central America Information Center, Neighbor to Neighbor, Proposition 186, and other campaigns, Mr. Waxman has fought for single payer health in California, affordable housing, good jobs and workers’ rights, divestment from apartheid South Africa, district elections, corporate accountability, and other critical issues. Mr. Waxman studied industrial and labor relations at Cornell, received a B.A. in English from Long Island University in Brooklyn, and earned his M.A. in Librarianship from the University of Denver.

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