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Juan Perez

Juan Perez is a San Diego native and graduated from San Diego State University in the summer of 2018. He is an organizer at the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council. His work revolves around unions; whether to help with internal/external organizing drives, educate politicians/union members/community folks on the history and importance of the Labor Movement, or being a part in the Labor Council’s endorsement process of political candidates seeking office. In the time that he has been at his job he has grown exponentially as an individual; he has gained confidence and knowledge to do the work efficiently but only because of the great mentorship he has had. Working with union members and standing with them in the front lines fighting for better wages and benefits have given his life a purpose that humbles him to the bone. He knows the work that he does is critical in making people’s lives better, so there’s never hesitation in waking up in the mornings. So as long as there are people struggling to make ends meet, then he will continue to stand side by side with workers until the last person has the quality of life we all deserve.

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