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Ix’Chel Osmara Martinez Moreno

Ix’Chel Osmara Martinez Moreno is a loved daughter of Rosa Maria Moreno Ayala, and Granddaughter of Maria Luisa Ayala Vega. Born in Varrio Logan and raised in Sherman, Ix’Chel reclaims her P’urhépecha blood, heart and soul. While being affected by patriarchy and the prison industrial complex daily, Ix’Chel continues to resist as an upcoming transfer graduate at both San Diego MESA & City College. She aims to receiving her BA under the umbrella of Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Native American Studies, and Womyn/Gender/Sexuality Studies. Itzel is growing to be a future high school educator, friend, counselor, and sister to many youth of color in San Diego. She hopes to motivate, and encourage youth to express their spirit fearlessly, as we all carry our fire within.
Throughout the past 5 years, Ix’Chel Osmara has been a part of different organizing groups in San Diego. To this day, she collectively contributes into Project on Youth Non-Military Opportunities, Oaxaqueñx Youth Encuentro, and other collective community spaces. She does so in order to collectively resist against the hetero-patriarchic system that has continuously dehumanized incarcerated folx, and against the inhumane border that tears/steals the lives of many brothers and sisters. She acknowledges the significance in growing, healing, and being supportive, while vocalizing all in her community. With the love, and support of her familia, comunidad, and TzinTzuni, Ix’Chel is focused on being, belonging, & becoming her best self. She strives on getting in touch with the Flow of The Guiding Dance in her Life by plugging in the Melodies of her Spirit. She shares her passion with all that cross her path while releasing and shaping her authentic healing heart. With love and excitement she is prepared to contribute and experience community building within Student for Economic Justice.

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Written by CPI San Diego

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