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Help Support Ignacio Hernández Valverde and #SEJ

Hello you all!

Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me and listen to my experience as a Students for Economic Justice Fellow.

Becoming a 2018 SEJ Fellow has been phenomenal! There have been numerous trainings, so much knowledge, and I’ve learned a wide variety of life skills in such a short amount of time. The Fellowship has challenged me to learn a lot about myself and my community by exploring the barriers we face in our search for economic justice. The SEJ Fellowship is truly a life-needed resource to advance the student-led social justice movement. I have jump-started my personal long-term goals of helping and giving back to my community through this Fellowship.

Meanwhile, I await to transfer to UC Berkeley in the spring of 2019. I am using my time during the summer to be proactive and do work that will benefit San Diego and even California after my Fellowship is over. While an SEJ Fellow, I’ve had the opportunity to take a step back and have both empowered and mobilized others to take a step forward.

I respectfully ask those who can and would like to help drive the advancement of economic justice to support the Students for Economic Justice Fellowship by donating. You would be helping the continuing mobilization of working-class communities and the empowerment of new students today and tomorrow.

Thank you for your time and I hope I have the opportunity to meet you soon!



Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

join the fight against wage theft/ Unéte a la lucha contra robo de salario