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Help Support Riley Avila and SEJ

During my time with the University of San Diego’s Ethnic Studies program, the depth and severity of injustices held within the United States became increasingly more apparent. This knowledge was something that I could not simply possess, but instead this knowledge was something that I had to act upon. The Students for Economic Justice Fellowship (SEJ) became the avenue for me to not only learn how to fight injustices, but also for me to go about this fight strategically and with purpose.

Through the first couple of weeks I have met a variety of amazing people that all contribute to combating social injustices in a variety of ways. From the words of Fredrick Douglas, “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will.” It is with this understanding that the fight for any form of social justice must be well organized and focused to increase the power of our demands, and the SEJ is helping me to gain this important knowledge. SEJ is providing me with a solid base that I can then use to allow myself to incorporate struggles of social injustice into whatever professional career I take up in the future.

Donating to SEJ will allow for these teachings, which have helped me become a more active and critically aware individual, to continue for the coming generations. Society can always be improved upon and making sure that future generations possess the knowledge and power to progress society forward is essential. SEJ is a program that is making sure the current and coming generations are empowered with the proper tools to make this vision possible.

My goal is to fundraise $300 during my time with CPI to sustain this important program. I greatly appreciate any contribution that is made.

Noshuun Looviq (Thank You)

Read more about Riley and the rest of the #SEJ2017 Cohort at: http://buff.ly/2sPQhmE


Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

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