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Help Support Diana Gonzalez and SEJ

My name is Diana Gonzalez for those who may not already know me. I was humbly raised in the community of Barrio Logan with nothing but dreams going for me. It wasn’t until I reached high school when reality hit my world. My perceptions of this world had been highly influenced by my environment and parents. Consequently, I began to search for answers on my own. Not realizing that I had developed a passion for Social Justice, I soon discovered the highly disturbing level of inequity that we live by every day. Because of my background and thinker ways, when I learned of the Social Justice route, I recognized this to be my entrance. Ever since, I have strived to educate myself and others in order to cultivate change in our marginalized neighborhoods. It has become my goal to someday be able to give back to the community that has for so long set the groundwork for my success. I am on my last semester at Cuyamaca College and plan to transfer to SDSU. My goal is to pursue my masters degree in Gerontology.

It is for these reasons that I applied to be part of SEJ 2017. There is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing other people achieve their dreams and aspirations. I know that being part of SEJ will be of great supplement towards reaching my educational plans. The amount of support and love that I have received from everyone at SEJ is truly amazing. Being an intern at the program has not only enhanced the level of confidence in my career choice but most importantly, it is preparing me to be a strong future organizer that I know I can be. This program was the spark to light up that vision.

Read more about Diana Gonzalez and the rest of the #SEJ2017 Cohort at: http://buff.ly/2sPQhmE


Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

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