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Help Support Christopher Kennison and SEJ

I’m happy I got accepted to this year’s Students for Economic Justice cohort. I am very interested in social justice. I’m happy I was assigned with ACCE because I get to work with affordable housing which is very dear to me. My SEJ experience so far has been very good. It’s made me focus a lot more on the issues going on and how much more I want to help people. I like that every Monday when we meet up it’s different. We have different lessons which is always good because we learn something new every time.

SEJ will help me further my goals because I’m out making new connections with different people. All the internships and different organizations I’m involved with are all positive and have opened doors for me. My professional goal is to open and operate successful businesses that help people out of jail and prison get jobs. While I’m doing that I want to help people get housing. My personal goal is to demonstrate to people like me that we can make a positive impact in this world no matter how you do it. To help those whose voices that aren’t heard or are just plainly ignored.

Please donate to SEJ because it’s important for students to look forward to doing something positive. It’s important to donate so we can get more fellows into the program. SEJ does all this because they care for the people. They genuinely care for the people, they have so much invested in us and bring in other organizations to have us collaborate with them. That alone speaks volumes that these other organizations trust the SEJ program to work with the fellows without even meeting us. In SEJ we’re all coming from different backgrounds, schools, areas and situations but we all connect for the common issue of social justice. No matter what we all venture out to do after the fellowship we’re still all intertwined with one another. That’s what makes this program special, there’s nothing else like it to me.    

Read more about Christopher Kennison and the rest of the #SEJ2017 Cohort at: http://buff.ly/2sPQhmE


Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

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