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Help Support Fiorela Olivari and #SEJ

My name is Fiorela Olivari and I’m a Student for Economic Justice Fellow. The SEJ program fosters the leaders and advocates of tomorrow by helping us find our voice in the fight for equality and justice, and then it teaches us how to effect positive change in our communities. I see my participation in this program as another step in my journey to battle economic injustice by deepening my knowledge of the issues facing our San Diego.

The SEJ Fellowship has allowed me to find my voice and be unapologetically outspoken about ongoing economic inequality. I do not want to be a passive bystander anymore; I want to be the change. This Fellowship is one of a kind in San Diego.

But all of this would not be possible without your support! Let’s keep empowering our future leaders and advocates. Please consider donating to this wonderful program. Together, we will continue transforming our communities and building brighter futures. Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.


Justice for Warehouse Workers/ Justicia Para Trabajadores de almacen

join the fight against wage theft/ Unéte a la lucha contra robo de salario